Space dances Tango

The third meeting of the International Space Forum takes place on the first of November in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The aim is to promote sustainable development processes thanks to space activities too

The third International Space Forum, organized by the International Astronautical Foundation and the Italian Space Agency, in collaboration with the Argentine government and their space agency, Conae, is scheduled for the first of November.


Advanced training, natural resources management and disaster prevention, space cooperation, these are the three key topics that will be discussed by representatives of the 14 nations that will intervene at the Space Forum. The Latin American and Caribbean Chapter will result into the Buenos Aires Page, a document that, like the Trento Space Statement and the Nairobi Page, will summarize the objectives that the participating countries intend to pursue in order to boost the creation of a cooperation network that can foster sustainable development in space activities.


The event marks a further strengthening of the cooperation between Italy and Argentina, already expressed with the launch of the first Saocom satellite that occurred on 29 September. Saocom belongs to the Siasge program that involves our country alongside Argentina in the implementation of a global Earth observation system using L band Saocom data in combination with X band CosmoSkyMed images in order to ensure an even more accurate and diversified radar coverage on the planet. The Saocom constellation’s completation is expected by the end of the year with the launch of the second satellite.