Italy - Israel: space cooperation confirmed

The Italian Space Agency received the visit of the Israeli Minister of Research. The Shalom Programme is officially ready for kick-off and new cooperation tipologies are under consideration

The Italian journey of the Israeli Minister of Research, Daniel Hershkovitz, also reached "space". Before his meeting with the Ministers of Education and Foreign Affairs (respectively Francesco Profumo and Giulo Terzi), the Italian Space Agency met the Israeli representative, accompained by a large delegation, at its headquarters.


Current aerospace agreements between Italy and Israel were the main topic of the meeting, held on 16 April 2012. Delegations also explored the opportunity to start new joined projects.


During the conference, ASI president Enrico Saggese gave the guests a presentation on ASI different activities, from Universe Observation to Navigation, confirming the ASI intention to "open every kind of international cooperation with each organization".


Since July 2010 the Shalom Programme has seen the partnership between the ASI and the Israel Space Agency (ISA) to build two satellites jointly designed for hyperspectral Earth Observation. Representatives were satisfied of the project state, which is currently in the implementation phase and is ready for kick-off.


In this visit Hershkoviz repeated the space field strategic importance in bilateral relations between Italy and Israel. Once again space demonstrates its principal role in the international relations area.