BSC Malindi, finalized the new Collective Bargaining Agreement

The agreement with representatives of workers employed at the Luigi Broglio Space Centre in Kenya has been signed. The ASI-Vitrociset delegations led by ASI's General Director Anna Sirica

A meeting between the Italian Space Agency (ASI) - Vitrociset S.p.A. and the Union of National Research and Allied Institutes of Kenya (UNRISK), was held on March 11th, 2019 at the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) Coast Branch in Mombasa, to finalize the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The ASI  delegation was headed by the ASI's General Director, Anna Sirica and UNRISK's Secretary General, Zachariah Achacha

As RTI Vitrociset - Telespazio provides logistical support to the Broglio Space Centre (BSC) and manages on behalf of ASI some of its personnel at the BSC, the Vitrociset S.p.A.'s Director of Human Resources, Flavio Campello was also present. 

The meeting was conducted in a cordial and constructive manner, attended and supervised by the Regional Manager of FKE Mr. Salim Mwawasa and concluded with the signing of the CBA renewal for the BSC's Kenyan employees covering the period 2018-2020. 

The ASI's General Director Anna Sirica, in the opening statement, thanked the Regional Manager of FKE Mr. Salim Mwawasa for the support given to the successful conclusion of the negotiations and UNRISK's Secretary General, Zachariah Achacha for the open, honest and free discussion during the meeting consultations.

Further Anna Sirica said: "I understand that this has been a long and difficult negotiation. I am pleased to say that we finally managed to meet half way and reached an agreement. I am confident that this agreement will be satisfactory to both parties, but more importantly to our employees who are the driving force of the Broglio Space Centre" and she added "I am sure that the good and honest relations that we are building today will be able to continue grow for the agreements to come". 

Upon conclusion of the CBA deliberations, the UNRISK Secretary General, Zachariah Achacha expressed his and the employees full satisfaction. A touching words of prayer was given by one of the Base employee representative prior to and after the signing of the agreement. 

On Wednesday March 13th, 2019, the ASI delegation met at the Malindi Broglio Space Centre with the representatives of the "Area Staff" of the BSC. Even during this meeting the atmosphere was serene and collaborative. 

The ASI's General Director greeted the employees with the following comments: "It is my second visit to the Broglio Space centre  and it is always a pleasure to be here and this time be able to meet with you all. After the signing of the Intergovernmental Agreement between Kenya and Italy, ASI has invested a considerable amount of resources and initiated new projects and collaborations with various Universities, and other Countries' space agencies. In addition to these new investments, we recently recruited new personnel in order to grow this Centre to become a major player in the research and space technology sector. This goal will only be achieved if we work together as a team. Some of you are ASI's, some Vitrociset and some are Telespazio employees, but in the final analysis we are all here to work together for the Broglio Space Centre". 

The ASI Director further highlighted how the "Area Staff" personnel is tasked with higher levels of responsibilities and she is confident that this will reflect in an enhanced commitment in supporting and managing the daily activities and the new challenges ahead. 

The Area Staff meeting was concluded with the adoption of the staff manual which  will regulate the employees legal and economic agreements  for the year 2018 - 2020.