ASI Boards and committees

Board of Directors

The ASI Board of Directors ceased on July 21st 2018. It has been constituted by Decrees issued by the Ministry of Education, University and Research no. 583 (issued on 21 July 2014) and no. 779 (issued on 8 October 2014). The Agency is waiting for a new board. 


Board of Auditors (appointed by Decree MIUR DGIR n. 5 May 15th 2012 and Decree MIUR n. 219 April 15th 2015)

- Dr. Natale Monsurrò (President - as MEF representative)

- Dr. Gaetano Tatò (as MIUR respresentative)

- Dr. Francesco Mercurio (as MIUR representative - appointed on 18 December 2013 in replacement of Dr. Giovanni Bocchieri)

Deputy members

- Dr. Palma Mantaci (as MEF representative)


Court of Audit Magistrate - Financial Control Deputy

- Dr. Franco Massi (Advisor)

- Dr. Giuseppe Teti (Deputy)


Technical-scientific Committee (appointed by the ASI Board of Directors on 11 September 2014)

- Prof. Enrico Alleva (President)

- Dr. Simone Dell'Agnello

- Prof. Francesca Matteucci

- Prof. Andrea Monti Guarnieri

- Prof. Nicola Pugno

- Ing. Giorgio Saccoccia

- Lieu. Col. Walter Villadei