“Software Radio” Systems

Satellite navigation receivers

The Software System project for navigation applications aims at analyzing, researching and developing software architectures, algorithms and modules for the production of satellite navigation receivers, based on flexible software technologies, capable of integrating with multi-purpose and communication terminals. The so-called “Software radio” technology is a software technology capable of managing multi-band signals and process them into digital by “Signal Processing” advanced techniques.
The design of the Software Radio Receiver is highly functional to the applications it is intended for. Market perspectives are highly encouraging in consideration of the market research conducted across Europe and in the rest of the world.


The GALILEO system and the European industry as a whole will have to compete with the rest of the world in the market of GPS receivers and that will require new architectures for terminals, essentially based on software which is easy to be reconfigurated and capable of processing both signals coming from GPS and from GALILEO.


In addition, as the integration of satellite navigation with other technologies ( communications, GIS, other positioning systems) is fundamental for the relative applications, the terminal will have open architectures allowing the expansion of its facilities.


The project aims at defining a terminal which by employing the “Software radio” technology allows prompt digital processing of signals and a strong standardization of the terminal hardware. The terminal will operate through dedicated software specially developed for its applications.

The Software Radio Receiver may significantly shorten times by which terminals are capable of providing positioning information. Furthermore it is possible to provide a more adequate response to reduce multipath phenomena.