Safety in sea traffic

Support to “Sea Roads” implementation

The Project named “Sicurezza nel Trasporto Marittimo” (Safety in Sea Traffic) aims at promoting, in cooperation with corresponding Authorities, the development and testing of pre-operative applications and services, based on the employment of satellite navigation infrastructures in sea traffic, to contribute to a greater efficiency of safety-at-sea applications, such as search and rescue, management of navigation and sea traffic support services.

The Project involves the completion of the research for innovative technologies and the design and development of prototype apparatuses and systems, as well as technical and operative validations and public demonstrations, on a reduced geographic scale, of the advantages deriving from the application of these technologies, for a future wider application to the national scale.


The Project develops and tests innovative advanced satellite navigation technologies supporting an efficient implementation of Sea Roads.
The Project tackles with the approaching, manoeuvring and berthing of Sea Road vessels and on designing the infrastructure required for those operations does not neglect the requirements of other vessels operating in the Port thus guaranteeing the general efficiency of this transport modality.

The efficiency of these operations will match their safety. That will be possible by automating part of the operations employing satellite navigation systems capable of providing safe positioning data and of ensuring a continuous service along time, also thanks to the support of local systems for the upgrading of the satellite service performances.


The project is also aimed at developing prototype applications and services for a greater safety in pleasure boating, thus supporting the activity of Harbour Offices in search and rescue (SAR) operations.
The Project, which is addressed to the man in the street, is aimed at developing and testing satellite navigation services and systems, capable of providing solutions for the prevention of risks and accidents and guaranteeing ready and adequate rescue in case of emergency.


The purpose of the project is to:

  • Reduce the need of interventions at sea for rescuing pleasure boaters through preventive actions
  • Targeting as far as possible the search operations
  • Supporting the SAR activity by means of satellite navigation instruments provided by GALILEO and by the Project application product as tested.