Italian National Satellite Navigation Programme for Civil Aviation

The ASI-ENAV programme

European aeronautics, including Air Traffic Services, is experiencing a process of deep transformation, in compliance with the European integration strategic guidelines requiring the implementation of a Single European Sky and of the “Gate to Gate” project.

Basic condition for the implementation of this process is the gradual introduction of Satellite Navigation Systems (GNSS) in replacement of current locally managed traditional technologies. In this phase of transition, all the strongest European countries have tried to rule this process in order to obtain strategic advantages in the upcoming highly transnational new scenarios.

To face this challenge, Italy through ENAV organization, has substatially invested in Satellite Navigation Programmes by implementing:

  1. the MTB Infrastructure (Mediterranean Test Bed), with the airport of Ciampino;
  2. the STENAV (Satellite TEst bed for NAVigation and communications) Programme;
  3. the GBAS (Ground Based Augmentation System) Programme with the airport of Linate;
  4. programmes for the application of satellite signals to airport handling.

ENAV has also tested the application of satellite navigation technology to FarAway, MEDUP (Mediterranean Upgrade Programme) and MFF (Mediterranean Free Flight) programmes.


ASI and ENAV, since the launch of the EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) programme in 1996, have successflly cooperated for the safeguard of Italian interests in the satellite navigation business and have devised a joint programme which sums up the initiatives already started by the two agencies severally with the purpose of enlarging the range of applications of satellite navigation systems based on EGNOS and GALILEO programmes. The new programme, named “Programma Nazionale di Navigazione Satellitare per l’Aviazione Civile” (Italian National Satellite Navigation Programme for Civil Aviation ), follows the guidelines of the Italian DPCM of 13th May 2005 and includes the preliminary actions provided for by ASI PERSEUS Air Project.


ASI-ENAV Joint Programme

The satellite navigation joint progamme for the civil aviation aims at the following targets:

  • Ensuring a wide-ranging and timely application of EGNOS to the Italian civil aviation
  • Organizing the aeronautical business for the transition from EGNOS to GALILEO
  • Promoting innovation and research in the field of satellite navigation.

The Programme includes the following actions:

  • Support of EGNOS navigation system certification practice
  • Check of EGNOS operational performances within the National Air Space
  • Introduction of satellite navigation into Civil aviation (procedures and systems)
  • Development of Advanced Services and Applications of Satellite Navigation
  • Trial of GALILEO, EGNOS and GPS Streamlining technologies.