International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems

ITALY is a founding Member of ICG, the International Committee on Satellite Navigation. This autonomous Committee was born in 2005 following the recommendations produced by the UNISPACE III Action Team on satellite navigation of COPUOS (Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space) which was chaired jointly by USA and Italy.

The ICG, which in 2015 reaches its 10th anniversary, is participated by high representatives of Member States of United Nations which manage global or regional satellite navigation systems, Member States which have started active satellite navigation application programs and International Organizations interested to the use of satellite navigation.

The ICG has the main goal to favor compatibility and interoperability among the various GNSS systems, promoting as well applications and actions to protect frequency spectrum.

The ICG Members are: China, India, Italy, Japan, Malesia, Nigeria, Russia, United Arab Emirates, USA, European Union and the following international organizations: AIN, BIPM, EUPOS, EUREF, FIG, IERS, IAF, IAG, IAIN, ICA, IGS, NU OOSA, ITU, URSI, SGAC, IOAG, APSCO. The OOSA office of the United Nations acts as ICG Secretariat, supporting the meetings preparation and planning activities of the Working Groups.

This year, in occasion of the 10th anniversary, a “booklet” will be produced to describe the ICG achievements and the activities of its Members, Associated Members and Observers.

The ICG web site is : www.oosa.unvienna.org/oosa/SAP/gnss/icg.html