Galileo Test Range

A permanent laboratory for testing Galileo signals

The GALILEO Test Range aims at creating, by means of land infrastructures, an environment capable of generating Galileo signals, (signal, modulation, codification, data injection, etc.), by also simulating the effects of signal emitted by orbit satellites. In addition, as soon as the first signals coming from the GSTB-V2 satellite and later signals from IOV satellites will be available, the Test Range will allow these signals to be checked and employed together with those generated on the earth for the test of receivers, for all the categories of Galileo Services and for the development of Applications of Satellite Navigation.


The GALILEO Test Range, will also provide a test environment for multiple applications, allowing a partial integration of platforms for the experimentation of Application Projects which will avail of the contribution of joint development labs and experimental instruments.


The GALILEO Test Range will:
- contribute to testing Galileo signals and its services (including terminals) and the PRS government service;
- generate an environment for the pre-operative development and experimentation of application and technological products relative to satellite navigation in order to favour research and innovation in this field;
- allow the operative interconnection with other Test Environments already developed or to be developed in a European and world framework, both for the GPS system and for the GALILEO one;
- experiment the innovative generation of new navigation signals, for the second generation of the system.


The development of GALILEO Test Range, has already been started by Italy’s Regione Lazio/FILAS with a contract for the definition of the infrastructure awarded to Finmeccanica.
For subsequent planning and developing of the GALILEO Test Range master agreements are being arranged for between ASI, Regione Lazio, and other possible partners.