Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics Project (GPM)

Modifications of the cellular functions due to the space environment

The area of genomic and proteomic research concerns activities based on molecular research of transcripts and proteins expressed in a cellular compartment. This area is very multidisciplinary and requires the integration of biochemical, bioanalytical, bioinformational and biomolecular knowledge. Research concerns the definition of the proteins expressed in specific cellular compartments and uses human and animal models.


This global study is aimed at comprehending the biological mechanisms under special physiological and pathological conditions depending on the organs under examination. The objective is to identify the molecular targets involved and the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the adaptation or the progression of the disease. The objectives of research are: new targets and new methods.

This programme is targeted at clarifying the mechanisms at the basis of the greatest modification of cellular function due to the space environment including the effect of magnetic fields.