ASI's first mission on Russian automatic satellites

Within the framework of the ASI/FSA working group on Biomedicine, an agreement was signed in the month of June 2007, an agreement between the parties for the use of the reusable Russian FOTON/BION capsules on a regular basis (about every two years). The experiments are within the containers especially developed for this type of mission, which will then be located within the Foton/Bion capsule.


From the cosmodrome of Baikonur on 14 September the automatic satellite FOTON M3 was launched with a Soyuz launcher. Italian participation to this mission was truly important since it contained 13 Italian experiments, 8 as a Foton-Life mission directly managed by ASI and 5 under ESA management but that are also an integral part of the ASI-MED programmes. It is ASI's first mission on Russian automatic satellites. The second mission on BION M1 is scheduled for October 2010.