Biotechnology Applications (MoMa)

Coordination: Università di Udine (University of Udine)


  • 57 research institutions (Universities, CNR, ISS, IRCCS, ASL)
  • 10 Industries
  • 538 researchers

This programme has as its objective the improvement of scientific knowledge in the process of ageing in space as well as on Earth and the definition and finalization of adequate countermeasures against the effects of the extreme conditions which the space environment presents. Its objective is also to clarify, at cellular and molecular level, the main immune, genetic and metabolic alterations of organisms exposed to the space environment (μg, radiations) as well as to develop biotechnological applications and indispensable counteractions for the exploration and human colonization of the solar system.
Gaining this knowledge should allow the development of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies whose purpose is the well-being of man in space and the improvement of the quality of life on Earth. The programme is structured in the following 4 areas of intervention:

  • Biomolecules
  • Cells, tissues, organisms
  • Man
  • Industrial Activities

The first three areas correspond to the biological models used in the study and the fourth area to technological applications.