Information Sources

Information sources, services and projects status

The Technical and Scientific Library of the Italian Space Agency is now online, providing access to various information resources, services and documenting projects advancement status (Italian Only).



"Distretto Virtuale" Portal

Web interface open for business, science community and institutions

The “Distretto Virtuale” is an innovative information resource offering a web interface to all of the sector’s national and international stakeholders (public enttities, entreprises and their associations, local and regional authorities, universities, etc.) enabling them to interact with their proposals and contributions. This, above all, allows the mapping of specialisations and vocations expressed by the italian territory as well as their promotion and exploitation in a synergical way, also by means of integrated financing operations.
The portal consists of 3 tools. The main tool is the Db of space Business and Scientific community. The other tools are a Content manager platform (Alfresco) and a Threaded email communicator (Mailman), to facilitate targeted messaging within the community.

Warning: although ASI supervises the quality of the portal’s contents, these last, if originated by the registered users, don’t imply any legal responsibility of the Agency, but rather of the same users’